The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia appreciates your support, and will use your donations to continue fighting for your freedom. Click here for mail-in instructions. 

Monthly Pledge

You will be given the option to make a continuing monthly donation.  Here are the details on the monthly pledge process: 
  • After placing your donation today, your card will be charged again each month for the same amount, allowing you to offer your continuing support. 
  • Each time your card is charged monthly, you will receive an email confirmation that the charge has been made successfully. 
  • Each e-mail receipt you receive will also include a link telling you how to update or cancel your monthly pledge.
  • On the next page of the donation process, you will be given the option to specify an end date for the last time your card can be charged. 
  • All credit card information is securely encrypted, and is never displayed in clear text to anyone.

Thank you for your continued support!

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