LPNOVA’s Convention 2020

LPNOVA's Annual Convention, November 7 2020. Online. Details to be announced.

The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia holds its next annual convention on Saturday, November 7th 2020, where we may make changes to our governing bylaws and will elect new board members for the coming year.


Due to the unusual circumstances of this year’s convention, we ask that everyone properly register ahead of time and familiarize themselves with the online voting procedures as soon as they are rolled out.

Time & Location

We will be conducting a “hybrid” convention with both in-person and online components. However, the online option is strongly encouraged for everyone.

Due to very limited seating availability for the in-person venue, advance notice of intent to attend in-person is required through registration. Face masks will be required for in-person attendees. The in-person venue location will only be given out through the registration process (above).


Individuals that reside in Fairfax or Arlington counties or the cities of Alexandria, Falls Church, or Fairfax, and are current registered members of the Libertarian Party may participate in voting and making motions.

Current registered Libertarian Party members residing in Loudoun County may be able to vote on new board members depending upon results of a proposed bylaws change (below).


Business will begin promptly at 2pm. If time permits, there may be a brief presentation on the State of the Party. Bylaws proposals and voting will take up the bulk of the remaining time, with many major bylaws changes being proposed. We will close after new board members have been elected.

State of the Party

It’s been a year of change and improvement, despite the wider world’s best attempts to drag us down. Here are some highlights:

  • Stevan Porter’s campaign for Herndon Town Council
  • Guest Speaker Series and Park Cleanups
  • Communications Team
  • Virtual Bar Crawls

Proposed Bylaws Changes

Do you have a change to LPNOVA’s bylaws that you’d like to propose? Help us out by sending it in advance, giving everyone a chance to consider, ask questions, and provide feedback ahead of time.

  1. Addition of Loudoun County
    Summary (PPT)Text with Highlighted Comparison (docx)
    POC: Adam Theo
  2. Geographical Vice-Chairs
    Summary (PPT)Text with Highlighted Comparison (docx)
    POC: Adam Theo
  3. Modification to Mail Notifications
    Text with Highlighted Comparison (docx)
    POC: Paul Bracco
  4. Board Position Remaining Vacant
    Text with Comparison (docx)
    POC: Paul Bracco
  5. Change in Responsibility for Ballots
    Text with Highlighted Comparison (docx)
    POC: Karrington Greenlee

Board Elections

We will also be voting on new officers of our governing board. Interested in serving? Here are the positions that will be voted on.

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • At-Large Member

Note: one or more of the draft bylaws changes may affect the number or arrangement of positions before elections begin, if passed.

Location (Online)

Online participation is strongly encouraged.

Register now for details

Location (In-Person)

Due to very limited seating, attending in-person is discouraged, but is available upon registration.

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