Welcome to the Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia in Loudoun County! We invite you to meet with fellow libertarians virtually and in-person. You can subscribe to our newsletter and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Below is information on joining us for brunch or other events, and policy changes you can make a difference on, as well as plans for an independent LP affiliate in the future.


You are invited to join us for brunch in Loudoun as soon as we get it set up. It’s a great way to meet other local Libertarians and learn of ways to get involved. Be on the lookout for it and RSVP through Eventbrite, Meetup, or Facebook.

Community Service and Philanthropy

We are also exploring the adoption of a park, trail, or stream in Loudoun County to serve the community and prove that volunteer actions are more effective than government bureaucracy. What should we take on?

During the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 LPNOVA held a small fundraiser for Mobile Hope Loudoun, a charity focusing on the health of young people 24 years of age or younger who are disadvantaged, precariously housed, or homeless.

Policy Efforts

As part of LPNOVA’s 2020 Policy Priorities, we are advocating to expand School Choice, implement Ranked Choice Voting, and improve transparency in local Parks and Recreation Services. Want to help with one of those efforts?


Interested in leading the charge for liberty in your local community? We are actively recruiting and training people to be candidates for local office such as County Supervisor, School Board, or Town Council.

An Independent Affiliate

Previous attempts to establish a standalone local affiliate in Loudoun County have struggled. In November 2020, LPNOVA incorporated Loudoun County to work on establishing it as an independent affiliate.

This effort to “spin off” Loudoun is expected to take about 2-3 years, during which time LPNOVA will recruit, train, and organize members in Loudoun County with the intent to establish their own official Libertarian Party affiliate.

Please view the presentation of this plan for Loudoun County, which was the proposal for this project at LPNOVA’s Annual Convention in 2020. You may also view the bylaws which govern the Committee and the planned transfer to an independent affiliate.

Connect with Us

Contact us directly by reaching out to our Vice-Chair to Loudoun County, Mr. Daniel Ford.

You may also reach out to the Libertarian Party of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District Committee Chair, Mr. Chris Frashure, who recruits Libertarian candidates and organizes support for nominees for the U.S. House of Representatives in VA-10.

We encourage you to subscribe to our email list for volunteer opportunities, news, and policy-related calls to action. You can also follow us on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We hope to see you soon!