Event Organizer for Loudoun Brunch

With the addition of Loudoun County to our jurisdiction in 2020 and in-person events now being unrestricted in the Commonwealth, LPNOVA is now looking for someone to serve as an Event Organizer for a regularly held family-friendly brunch in Loudoun County.

We are aiming for this event to be held every other month in an area of Loudoun that is well populated but still accessible to the rest of the county. We would be relying on the Event Organizer to select a specific areas and venue that meets these requirements.

The Event Organizer would be responsible for planning, promoting, and hosting the event. Guidance on all responsibilities will be provided.

This brunch would need to be scheduled in co-operation with the rest of LPNOVA so as to not conflict with other social, policy, candidate, or community service events. It should be held on a Saturday or Sunday once every other month.

Planning and promoting the event should take less than 1 hour per week to co-ordinate with the venue, promote through established channels and methods, and otherwise make necessary preparations. Hosting the event is estimated at 2-3 hours, plus set-up and break-down time.

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Someone from our Welcome Team should reach out to you within 48 hours to get to know you better and answer any of your questions about the position and the team!