Local Policy Op-Ed Writer

Do you have knowledge of and passion about a local- or state-level policy issue? Write a policy op-ed to educate and motivate our members and perhaps get it published in local blogs and newspapers to educate the public on libertarian issues!

Op-eds for LPNOVA must be data-driven, using facts, statistics, and historical events as a basis for opinions. We also love to see solution-oriented messaging that addresses real-world problems.

Introduce yourself by filling out the form below or emailing¬†policy@lpnova.org¬†with your full name, your preferred email address and phone number, your background and experience, and the local or state issues you’d like to address. Our policy team will promptly get back to you and further guide you through the process.

Apply for this position

Someone from our Welcome Team should reach out to you within 48 hours to get to know you better and answer any of your questions about the position and the team!