The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia is the official local affiliate of the Libertarian Party for the counties of Loudoun, Arlington, and Fairfax including the cities of Alexandria, Falls Church, and Fairfax.  We advance the ideas of liberty through social events, community outreach, and by running candidates for elected office. To get involved or learn more contact one of our Chairs today.


The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia’s governing Board consists of seven positions.


Our governing bylaws are the rules by which our organization operates. View our current bylaws (Nov. 2021).

LPVA Constitution and Bylaws

The Libertarian Party of Virginia is governed by both a Constitution and Bylaws. They are linked below:

LPVA Constitution

LPVA Bylaws


The Governing Board is elected, and bylaws changed at LPNOVA’s annual convention. 2023’s Convention was held on November 19th. Our next convention will likely be in mid-November 2024, with notices sent out at least 6 weeks ahead of time.

Mailing Address

Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia
P.O. Box 8013
Springfield, VA 22151