LPNOVA Condemns Lockdowns

The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia affirms that individuals have the ability
and sole responsibility to evaluate the risks and consequences of their actions and
decisions about their own property. As knowledge is dispersed among all people,
individuals are much better equipped to determine the appropriate precautions to
take or not to take in any given situation, as opposed to the heavy hand of

The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia recognizes that any rules or restrictions
placed on businesses will necessarily have a greater negative impact to small and
family-owned businesses relative to large corporations, due to a large corporations
greater political and financial ties allowing them to more easily acquire the capital
needed to continue to operate. These rules and restrictions will also
disproportionally impact the working class, who, unable to perform their
professions from home, imperils their livelihoods and unjustly impoverishes them
as a result of the restrictions.

The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia recognizes the danger of suspending
individual liberty, especially in a crisis, as if politicians are able to suspend the rule
of law in a crisis, they will exacerbate the severity of a crisis in order to suspend the
rule of law.

The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia also affirms that the First Amendment of
the Constitution of these United States and Article I Section 12 of the Constitution
of the Commonwealth of Virginia recognize and guarantee the right of free
assembly and provides no exceptions for emergencies.
The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia also affirms that the First Amendment of
the Constitution of these United States and Article I Section 16 of the Constitution
of the Commonwealth of Virginia guarantee the right of religious liberty and
provides no exceptions for emergencies.

The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia also affirms that Article I Section 11 of
the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia demands just compensation for
both lost profits and lost access to private property. We also recognize that while these terms may be defined by the General Assembly, the current circumstances
qualify under § 25.1-230.1 of the code of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and may
not be redefined by the Governor.

Given this, Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia resolves that they condemn
Governor Ralph Northam’s actions in threatening Virginia residents with fines and
misdemeanor charges for engaging in acts of free assembly, exercising religious
liberty, and exercising their rights over their property; and by doing so is infringing
on these individual rights in an unprecedented manner.

The Executive Board,
Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia

LPNOVA Supports Young Americans for Liberty Removals

On behalf of LPNOVA I would like to express our appreciation for Young Americans
for Liberty (YAL) finally taking the steps to remove people from leadership positions
whose ethical behaviors are called into question. We take seriously allegations of
sexual misconduct at all levels. Unfortunately, sexual harassment had plagued the
liberty movement for quite some time and it’s great to see organizations taking
steps to prevent further harassment. We strive to be an organization that embodies
trustworthiness and justice for its members and to that end we will keep the
identities confidential of anyone who is a victim of sexual harassment.

This is an uncomfortable situation, and no one should fear coming forward.
LPNOVA has been making a conscious effort to make sure everyone feels
comfortable attending our events. We do not condone any form of harassment,
sexual or otherwise. We hope to continue to be a safe and welcoming environment.
I and the rest of the board are here to listen and support anyone who had been put
in an uncomfortable or inappropriate situation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out
with any concerns. I would urge you to join LPNOVA in condemning sexual
harassment in the liberty movement.

Karrington Greenlee
Fairfax County Vice Chair
Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia

LPNOVA Endorses Amendment 1 for Redistricting Reform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, October 19, 2020 – LPNOVA supports voting ‘YES’ on the redistricting commission amendment (Question 1 on the November 2020 ballot).  The current redistricting system allows the party that has control of the state legislature and governor’s office to gerrymander legislative districts in a way that advantages their party and diminishes the political power of any opposition.  The proposed constitutional amendment creates a truly bipartisan commission which must compromise to come up with a redistricting plan that can get the 12/16 supermajority required to pass.  Though we would prefer that redistricting be NON-partisan rather than BI-partisan, it’s much better to force the Republicans and Democrats to come up with a compromise plan, rather than let one party have complete control.  Some, including the Virginia Democratic Party who supported this amendment before they gained full control of the state government, say that this plan isn’t perfect, and so it should be voted down.  But new districts will be drawn for 2021 that will be in place for 10 years.  This important reform must take effect before districts are redrawn. 

Summary of the redistricting amendment

  • Currently, congressional and state legislative districts are voted on by the state legislature through the normal legislative process and the governor has veto power.
  • Under the proposed constitutional amendment:
    • Districts are drawn by 16 commissioners selected by the following process:
      • Four are legislators of the majority (currently Democratic) party
      • Four are legislators of the minority (currently Republican) party
      • Four are citizens from a list created by the majority party and selected from that list by a group of retired judges
      • Four are citizens from a list created by the minority party and selected from that list by a group of retired judges
      • The retired judges who select the citizen commissioners are selected from a list compiled by the supreme court- two judges are elected by the majority party and two by the minority party
    • All meetings, records, and documents of the redistricting commission are public record.  They must have at least three hearings where they take public comments.
    • There are some fairly complex rules around the number of votes needed for the commission to propose a redistricting plan to the legislature, but in all cases, it requires at least 12/16 to vote for a plan.
    • The legislature votes on whether to approve the redistricting plan.  They aren’t allowed to make any changes and the governor has no veto power.
    • If the legislature twice rejects the redistricting commission’s plan, or if the commission fails to come up with a plan, the Virginia Supreme Court has responsibility for drawing districts

Proposed Firearm Ban Puts Vulnerable Residents at Risk

September 11, 2020 – Arlington, VA

The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia (LPNOVA) opposes the adoption of an Arlington County Firearms Ordinance that prohibits the possession, carrying, or transportation of any firearms or ammunition in county buildings, parks, at county-permitted events, and in public rights of way adjacent to those events.

This proposed change to the Arlington code is a direct infringement on the Second Amendment rights of Arlington County residents, as well as those who work in or visit the county. Restricting the ability of citizens to carry firearms for their own self-defense not only increases the risk that they will become victims of crime, but also creates scenarios where law-abiding citizens instantly and unwittingly become criminals as they move throughout Northern Virginia.

A blanket ban on carrying firearms in public rights of way, especially parks, removes the ability of those who use those spaces, and whose tax dollars maintain them, to defend themselves from violent crime. The ban stands to disproportionately impact vulnerable communities, who are at a greater risk of being victimized while using parks. Specifically, women, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are disproportionally victims of criminal acts and violence and would be most negatively impacted, because they would have fewer options for effective self-defense.

Additionally, the change makes all county-permitted events and the adjacent public rights of way gun-free zones. In Arlington, county permitted events are ubiquitous, and often quite near one another. This creates areas where residents and businesses are completely entrapped and surrounded by areas that they cannot legally traverse with firearms or ammunition. This scenario makes the county exceptionally vulnerable to lawsuits defending the Second Amendment rights of residents, a significant additional burden on taxpayers and county legal systems.

Ideally this ordinance would not be passed at all; however, if the Board feels it is absolutely necessary, LPNOVA encourages the Board to include an exemption for Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) holders, including those who hold permits in other states with reciprocity agreements. This would reduce the impact of the concerns raised above by providing a legal path for trained, responsible citizens to bear arms.

The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia is the local chapter of the Libertarian Party, America’s most successful third party. Our local chapter runs candidates for political office and pushes for policy changes in the City of Alexandria, Arlington County, City of Falls Church, Fairfax County, and the City of Fairfax.