Volunteer and Candidate Training Coordinator

As the Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia grows, we are needing a dedicated and bright individual to help all of our volunteers and candidates improve their skills and knowledge.

As the Training Coordinator for LPNOVA, you would have your eyes and ears open to all kinds of training opportunities and matching our volunteers with them.

  • Seek out organizations, experienced individuals, courses, and even blog articles that provide training and advice on topics such as social media, email fundraising, public speaking, or leadership, for example.
  • Identify LPNOVA volunteers that could benefit from such training opportunities and guide them to take such training.
  • Work with LPNOVA leadership on funding paid training opportunities for volunteers and potential candidates.
  • Track completion of training and update LPNOVA leadership for internal recognition and awards to volunteers.

Such opportunities could be paid or free courses from the Leadership Institute, Leadership Arlington, or the Grassroots Leadership Academy from Americans for Prosperity, for example. Other opportunities could also be identifying experienced individuals and asking them to teach or even mentor our volunteers. And even passing along useful articles from blogs can help.

Be prepared to work closely with LPNOVA’s volunteers to urge them to improve their skills and knowledge. You would not be expected to conduct any training yourself – merely identify existing opportunities and match volunteers with them. If you want to build your own skills at teaching and training you are certainly welcome to

We estimate this position to be very flexible with time, and only needing 1-2 hours per week of effort.

Apply for this position

Someone from our Welcome Team should reach out to you within 48 hours to get to know you better and answer any of your questions about the position and the team!