Author: Nate Becker

In the Neighborhood: Arlington County Board Meeting: 19 September 2021

Our Vice-Chair to Arlington County and the Cities of Alexandria and Falls Church, Mike Coletti, attended the recent Arlington County Board meeting in July to see what’s going on in the neighborhood. Here’s what he saw. Main Draw: Pickleball!By far the most entertaining portion of Saturday’s board meeting: While showing theoverwhelming strength of the pickleball […]

LPNOVA Condemns Lockdowns

The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia affirms that individuals have the abilityand sole responsibility to evaluate the risks and consequences of their actions anddecisions about their own property. As knowledge is dispersed among all people,individuals are much better equipped to determine the appropriate precautions totake or not to take in any given situation, as opposed […]

LPNOVA Supports Young Americans for Liberty Removals

On behalf of LPNOVA I would like to express our appreciation for Young Americansfor Liberty (YAL) finally taking the steps to remove people from leadership positionswhose ethical behaviors are called into question. We take seriously allegations ofsexual misconduct at all levels. Unfortunately, sexual harassment had plagued theliberty movement for quite some time and it’s great […]