Policy Activist for School Choice

We are looking for passionate policy activists to promote and advance School Choice in northern Virginia. It is a very flexible position with low time commitments, and may involve interfacing with the public. Take on any of these responsibilities that you have interest and time for:

  • Discover: Find content relevant to the policy topic from a variety of sources for our communications team to promote. Relevant content could be current news articles, infographics, events from liberty-friendly allies, personal stories, or even relevant memes (although memes should be kept to a minimum), aiming to submit 2-3 pieces of content per week.
  • Liaison: Take on active involvement with topic-relevant organizations, working to build an issue-based coalition and cross-pollinate volunteers between our organizations. Share their calls-to-action, events, and articles to LPNOVA and vice-versa when possible.
  • Research: Research a specific aspect of the topic and write “briefs” to be published as blogs, email newsletters, or even sent out to local news outlets as op-eds or “letter to the editor”. Data could also be processed and turned into infographics by our graphics design team.
  • Petition: Speak or write comments for county, city, town, or advisory committee meetings to urge officials to directly adopt policy priorities.

Apply for this position

Someone from our Welcome Team should reach out to you within 48 hours to get to know you better and answer any of your questions about the position and the team!